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I'm Charlie and you've just found one of the best couples pages on OF! Come see my partner Miles and I have incredible, x-rated fun presented in a quality that got our page to the top .04% and has kept us there for over a year. Read more to learn more about the page and about us!

We post at least three videos a week (real videos in the 5-10 minute range) along with pictures! Oh yeah, you also get our entire library of content because we don't remove or lock anything after it's been up (that's over 2 years of content).

I love interacting with fans and always answer messages here (yes, its really me) while handling the posts and write ups. Miles does the filming and editing. We work together and communicate with our fans to come up with new ideas and fun things to try 😉

We’re very open, so don’t be shy. I love to show off and have fun and it turns us both on to know how much you enjoy watching 🤤🤤

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